5 Reasons You Need a Hawaii Marketing Agency

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Hello, Nick Ponte here. I own and operate 808 Agency in Maui, Hawaii. We love showing businesses the power of hiring the right Hawaii marketing agency. Recently, we shared three best practices for effective Google ads in Maui.

Are you in the market for a Hawaii marketing agency for 2024? Maybe you don’t think you need to hire one—but you definitely should! According to a 2018 Clutch survey of small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), less than 50% of businesses invest in marketing, and 80% of them don’t leverage content marketing. Additionally, this 2020 survey says that only 30% of businesses use SEO. The message is clear: Small businesses don’t understand the power of hiring a marketing agency.

Your business needs to grow, but you can’t do everything yourself. Based on these two surveys, experts warn that these businesses miss massive opportunities by trying to do it all. If you try to run your business and market it at the same time, you’ll overextend yourself. Details will fall through the cracks, and you’ll wonder where your budget went. But you can change this pattern.

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Why You Should Hire Out

You can’t effectively market your own business for one main reason: You can’t be everywhere at once. As the leader, you need to spend less time working in your business and more time working on it. The longer you try to do both, the more your revenue will suffer. Eventually, you’ll burn through your marketing budget, generate mediocre results, and consider closing your doors because of a lack of new customers. Don’t settle for an unsustainable business model.

To stand out from competition, partner with a Hawaii marketing agency that fully understands your audience and niche. Your business and audience have unique needs, and that agency wants to serve those needs. With an agency bolstering your resutls, you get to take your hands off the marketing wheel and focus efforts on running your business. Thriving businesses make this their revenue-driving strategy. 

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5 Characteristics of a High-Quality Hawaii Marketing Agency

You understand the value of hiring a Hawaii marketing agency, but you can’t hire just anybody. You five crucial characteristics in the agency you hire:

1. Comprehensive Brand Strategy

Marketing your business involves more than posting on Facebook or throwing a website together. A successful Hawaii marketing agency understands how to craft a brand strategy for your specific needs. To stand out in 2024, you need an in-depth, nuanced brand strategy that considers dozens of moving parts. 

Choose a Hawaii marketing agency that understands the big picture and the fine details. Without a comprehensive brand strategy, your business’s marketing efforts get lost in the sea of competitors. Partner with an agency that knows how to start an excellent strategy from scratch and build up.

2. Thorough Track Record

Before you hire any marketing agency, ask this question: Have they done what I want to do? Do they know what pitfalls to look out for? Can they take me across the finish line? Countless agencies have incredible people and big promises, but they don’t all have the track record to back them up. 

Notice the red flags. Ask detailed questions to get a feel for their true expertise.Your business’s success demands a Hawaii marketing agency that’s been there and done that. To grow your business in 2024, hire an agency with a thorough and impressive track record. Otherwise, you might as well hire a monkey to do it.

3. Obsession with Data

Plenty of Hawaii marketing agencies love getting results, but only a few actually care about the data that tracks those results. Without regularly examining crucial data, you can only guess about what tactics worked and what didn’t. Forget about actually improving on results. 

When browsing agency options, opt for those that obsess about the data. Today’s technology allows us to track more data about a customer’s journey than ever. The Hawaii marketing agencies that value that data have a drastic advantage over those that don’t.

4. Transparent Process

If any marketing agency asks for your money without clearly describing what they do, run for the hills! When you work with a Hawaii marketing agency, they should be fully transparent about how they generate results. If their process works, they should have no problem telling you how. You’re trusting them with your business and livelihood, so their responsibility is to respect your trust with transparency. They should provide regular reports to you, as well as offer answers to any questions you have about the results.

5. Commitment to Your Results

When a Hawaii marketing agency partners with you, they commit to generating results. If something goes wrong, they should correct the misfire, even if that means putting in extra hours to make it right. If they only show allegiance to your monthly retainer, put your wallet away. But if they pursue your success, then their heart is in the right place.

If you want to work with a results-driven Hawaii marketing agency, reach out to us today! We help hundreds of businesses grow with marketing that works. We even offer a FREE SEO audit to help you get started.

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