3 Best Practices for Effective Google Ads in Maui

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Aloha, Nick Ponte here. At 808 Agency in Maui, Hawaii, we love helping businesses optimize Google ads and generate remarkable results. Recently, I shared the top four must-haves to drive results through your Hawaii tourism marketing strategy.

As a business owner, you know the power of Google. It allows ideal customers to connect with your business, browse offers, convert easily, and leave positive reviews that generate more traffic. But do you know how to reach even more customers using Google ads? As a Hawaii-based business, we leverage Google ads in Maui to reach customers, convert consistently, and grow yearly. Whether you sell online or have a brick-and-mortar store, you need to utilize Google ads in Maui to see significant growth.

There’s an art to deploying Google ads in Maui. Anyone can buy ad space and hope customers find it, but you won’t find substantial results with this lack of strategy. Without properly leveraging Google Ads in Maui, you’ll burn cash and get little return on your investment. Your business can’t survive that way.

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Why Google Ads in Maui Get the Sales

Google only promotes ads with particular criteria. Just because you buy ad space doesn’t mean customers will click it. Your ideal customers will respond to copy, visuals, and messaging that resonate with them. If your Google ads in Maui don’t include these eye-catching qualities, your efforts will fall flat.

Your Google ads in Maui must grab the attention of Google and your audience. If not, your business will miss out on exponential growth, stagnate, and close its doors before 2024 ends.

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3 Ways to Get Results with Google Ads in Maui

To create Google ads in Maui that Google promotes and your audience loves, consider these three qualities:

1. Use Data to Determine Strategies That Work

Before you write any copy or create visuals for Google ads, consider features that get the click. What words and visuals generate the best combination of impressions and click-through-rates (CTR)? You could make wild guesses about what Google likes, or you can rely on hard data to know what Google looks for.

This analysis researched the overall tone, lexicon, punctuation, keywords, and calls-to-action (CTAs) of the best performing ads to figure out what makes them successful. Similarly, you can combine this information with what your audience wants to see. For example, if your ideal customer resonates with words like “coastline” and “beach,” make sure your Google ads in Maui include the keywords Google and your customers want to see.

2. Consider Your Ad’s Strategy to Stand Out

Your Google ads in Maui need a strategy to reach customers. How will your ads speak to your audience? According to Zapier, multi-million-dollar companies use many kinds of strategies to generate traffic. We can apply this insight to Google ads in Maui.

For example, if you have a competitor in your area, position your brand as the replacement. When a customer searches for a service both you and your competitor offer, design your ad so that the customer lands on it first, not your competitors’. Additionally, convey authority through your ad. Phrases like “trusted by professionals” and “3000 5-star reviews” build confidence in customers’ eyes, setting you apart from competition. Include discounts and promotions in your ad to entice readers to click, then make sure to honor those discounts!

3. Make Memorable Experiences

Finally, consider what your ideal customer sees after they click your ad. Too many businesses assume that getting the click means getting the sale. Wrong! Prospects often click on a website, scroll for a few seconds, then “bounce” off the page the moment they get bored or don’t find what they want. Users also frequently add items to their cart, hesitate to buy (or get distracted), and never complete the order.

After they click your Google ad, your viewer’s experience must take them across the finish line. Does your website copy entice them to buy? Do your visuals stir curiosity? Does your messaging match your brand? Is your website easy to use and mobile-friendly? Is it filled with social proof and other authority-building techniques? Do you offer and honor discounts from your ads? Your Google ads in Maui are the beginning of getting the sale, not the end.

If you want help designing your Google ads in Maui, reach out to us today! We’ve helped hundreds of businesses create Google ads that deliver consistent, repeatable results. We offer a FREE SEO audit to help you get started.

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