5 Ways to Leverage GEO in Hawaii

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At 808 Agency, our team of highly-experienced digital marketing experts loves helping small businesses deploy marketing for record-breaking results. Recently, we shared six steps to record-breaking SEO in Hawaii. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed digital marketing. We now utilize an exciting new field of AI, known as Generative Engine Optimization, or GEO. Traditionally, search engines like Google rely on keywords and other SEO components to decide which websites to list their first page of search results. One downside: this approach allows shortcuts. A business owner could stuff his website full of relevant keywords and get boosted to the top, even if he doesn’t offer particularly helpful content.

With GEO, that all changes. Search engines will use this AI technology to consider many more factors before recommending a website. This means that relying on trends, keywords, and other “hacks” won’t be enough to boost content to the top. You need to have the highest quality content to get noticed.

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Why GEO is Here to Stay

As GEO becomes more advanced, you need to understand what search engines look for. Trendy keywords and flashy images don’t cut it if you want to get the top result on Google. This may sound scary—but if you already create high-quality content, I’ve got good news! GEO makes search engines review content in a more holistic way, meaning that the highest quality and most helpful results win.

But if you continue to rely on cheap “hacks” and trends to build your business, you’ll get left behind, like those dusty websites from 2003. Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, so your business needs to keep up with the technology if you hope to stay in the running. Your competition will take advantage of its benefits, so don’t allow them to overtake your hard-earned progress.

The better you understand what search engines like, the faster you’ll grow in 2024. Put the hacks away, and let’s put in some real work to rake in new customers. 

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5 Steps for Results with GEO in Hawaii

Want to know how to leverage GEO in Hawaii for your business? Keep reading for five ways you can use it to boost your success with search engines:

1. Be Helpful

When someone searches for your business on Google, they want more than surface-level information like your operating hours and address—they have a problem they want solved. As search engines integrate GEO technology, content that provides relevant solutions to users will win. The more your content provides answers to specific problems, the more search engines will promote your business.

2. Be Engaging

We all know the feeling of reading dry, boring website content and social media posts. The message is too sales-y, there’s no story, or you just fall asleep halfway through. Content like this will sink your business in a heartbeat. Why? Because search engines promote content that keeps users engaged on the page as long as possible. If your content reads like a dusty textbook, Google doesn’t care if you deployed the latest SEO trends. You need to give search engines and readers content that makes them say, Yes! This is what I was looking for!”

3. Be Authentic

Believe it or not, AI technology in search engines prefers content with an authentic human touch. It’s easier than ever to rattle off a prompt in ChatGPT, copy whatever it spit out, paste that to your website, load it with keywords, and expect the sales to roll in. That may work at first, but Google’s GEO will catch on and eventually promote your competitors over you. Create authentic content that sounds real and human, not manufactured. The more authentic your brand, the more search engines will support you.

4. Be User-Friendly

One of the most helpful parts of GEO in Hawaii is the emphasis on user experience. Even if a business has revolutionary content, few will read it on a bad website. Users crave a seamless user experience, and so does Google. They want users to connect with websites that provide positive experiences. The better your user experience, the more Google boosts you. Make sure your website and social pages give mobile-friendly transitions, lightning fast loading speeds, and intuitive navigation. That way, you’ll find positive outcomes with search engines and conversion rates.

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5. Be Authoritative

Why doesn’t your shiny new website get on the first page of Google? Because it has no authority! GEO in Hawaii favors businesses with authority attached to their name. It makes the difference between getting on the first page of Google or the seventh. As you build your brand and launch content, connect with authoritative names in your industry. Collaborate with others and promote each other. Google trusts reputable businesses to ensure a positive user experience for everyone. Don’t leave your exposure to chance—do the work to build your authority, and Google will reward you.

If you want to work with a results-driven Hawaii marketing agency, reach out to us today! We help hundreds of businesses grow with marketing strategies that bring results. We even offer a FREE SEO audit to help you get started.

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