3 Top Qualities to Look For in a Digital Marketing Agency in Hawaii

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Hello, Nick Ponte here. I own 808 Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Maui, Hawaii. I love helping businesses find marketing strategies to attract customers and drive revenue. Recently, I shared the top seven ways to optimize your advertising in Hawaii.

Do you know what sets an outstanding digital marketing agency in Hawaii apart from a mediocre one? Did you know that picking the right one makes the difference between yearly business growth… or shutting your doors for good? According to a survey of nearly 400 small businesses, half do not have a formal marketing or advertising plan. If you don’t have one, you essentially leave the success of your business up to the roll of a dice—you can’t predict results confidently, and you certainly won’t grow without a marketing plan to move forward.

Hiring the right digital marketing agency in Hawaii is the key to your successyou partner with professionals who live and breath marketing in Hawaii. Let me explain why this makes such a difference.

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Why Hiring the Right Digital Marketing Agency Matters

Marketing means understanding your audience and speaking their language. If you think you can learn the extensive details of advertising by using Google searches and your own research… you’ll hit a major roadblock in your advancement. When you don’t hire a professional digital marketing agency in Hawaii, you rely on your own limited resources to help your business succeed. You may get a plan rolling at first, but you won’t stay afloat. Eventually, you’ll find your business dead in the water. 

Have you decided to hire a digital marketing agency in Hawaii to give your business a boost? Great! But it’s not enough to hire just any Hawaii agency, nor will you get the results you need from some agency in another state. You need a digital marketing agency in Hawaii that understands your specific market. With this combination, you’ll have the recipe for long-term success in your Hawaii business.

So, what qualities should you look for in a digital marketing agency in Hawaii?

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3 Essentials You Need in a Digital Marketing Agency in Hawaii

1. Specific Experience

If your small business sells custom t-shirts to a specific small audience, would you hire a marketing agency who’s experience only consisted of big-box retailers? Of course not. You can’t settle for “almost” attracting your audience—you need precision every time.

When you hire a digital marketing agency in Hawaii, you need a partner who’s accomplished exactly what you aim to do. With that specific experience, you’ll feel confident this agency will help you get the results you need.

2. Same Values

Let’s say you make t-shirts with environmentally-sustainable practices that support Hawaii’s unique ecosystem. You want to market your products toward environmentally-conscious consumers in Hawaii. Would you hire a digital marketing agency in Hawaii that doesn’t understand or care about those unique environmental needs? Nope.

Instead, you would hire a digital marketing agency in Hawaii that shares your values and strives for the same goals. If you don’t, you’ll butt heads with the agency you hired at every turn. But once you hire an agency that shares your values, your business will maintain its integrity and grow faster than you thought possible.

3. Growth Mindset

Once you find a digital marketing agency in Hawaii that knows how to accomplish your goals and shares your deepest values, look for this quality: A growth mindset. I’ve seen too many marketing agencies using decades-old techniques, who refuse to keep up with the latest trends. If you don’t practice a growth mindset in your marketing, you’ll have short-lived success. 

Imagine you hire a digital marketing agency in Hawaii that gets results in the first six months. Awesome— but what about when something changes and profits plummet? How can you know this agency has the ability to adapt to the market’s changes? Will they keep trying the same, worn-out techniques, wasting your time and money?

Ultimately, hiring the right digital marketing agency in Hawaii can make the difference between growth and bankruptcy. It’s crucial that you vet every candidate with these three points in mind. It’ll help you sort through options and find the best one for your goals, values, and growth.

If you want to learn more or get help, reach out to us today! We’re one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in Hawaii, and we’ve worked with businesses in niches and industries all over the map. Get a significant advantage going into 2024 with a FREE SEO audit to measure your business against your competitors.

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