Top 5 Features of a Web Design and SEO Company in Hawaii

Web Design and SEO Company Hawaii

At 808 Marketing, a digital ad and web design agency in Maui, Hawaii, we help businesses increase sales and traffic through results-based marketing strategies—including killer search engine optimization. Recently, we dove into three qualities you should look for in a Maui SEO expert.

Do you want to put your business on the map? Maybe you have an excellent idea and the means to execute it, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. You probably realize you need a website with quality search engine optimization. But did you realize that almost half of businesses close within their first five years? Getting your website and SEO right increase your chances for success. 

Maybe you’ve browsed Google for web design and SEO companies in Hawaii. Finding the right company for your business can feel overwhelming if you don’t know what qualities will benefit you most. So where do you start? Do you know what to look for in a web design and SEO company in Hawaii?

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Why a Local Marketing Company in Hawaii Makes the Difference

You might ask, “Why can’t I pick any web design or SEO company? Can’t I do all of this myself?” In today’s hyper-competitive market, attempting your own marketing is like trying to fix your own plumbing issues. Sure, you could spend hours watching YouTube tutorials, then take it on yourself with little idea of whether you’ve got it right. You might save money in the short term, but the time spent and the long-term sacrifice of quality outweighs any money you thought you saved on the front end. 

Instead, hire an expert to do the job right the first time. But don’t recruit just any marketing company—enlist the help of a web design and SEO company in Hawaii that fully understands your market, audience, and niche. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself aiming for a bull’s eye in the dark. You can’t hit your mark with any consistency, and you can’t grow a business like that. So, what should you look for in a web design and SEO company in Hawaii to ensure your business gets the results you need? Let me share my top five features of the ideal web design and SEO company in Hawaii.

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5 Features You Need in a Web Design and SEO Company in Hawaii

1. Aligned Values and Goals

If a business only works with middle and working class families, would it make sense to hire a web design and SEO company that specializes with upper class clientele? Of course not. 

If that business’s values and goals don’t align with the company its owner hires, it’ll later lead to tension and disappointment. Instead, look for a web design and SEO company in Hawaii with values and goals similar to your own. That way, you can work seamlessly together toward a common conclusion.

3. Best Value for Your Budget

Once your goals sync, make sure the value of hiring that company will match the money you give them. This sounds obvious, but many businesses try to squeeze every cent from their budget to afford web design or SEO services that, in hindsight, didn’t match the value of the price tag. “More expensive” doesn’t automatically mean “better quality.” When you browse through options for marketing companies, take the time to ensure that you’ll get the best value for your budget.

3. Quality Experience

The next crucial question for a web design and SEO company in Hawaii: Have they “been there, done that?” In your search, you may find dozens of companies with experience… but which ones know how to accomplish your goals?

For example, you may want to double your revenue in twelve months through organic outreach. It wouldn’t make sense to hire a company that only uses paid ads. Make sure the company you hire has experience accomplishing your specific goals.

4. Knowledge of the Latest Tech and Trends

You know those businesses that either don’t have a website or keep using the same one they designed in 2007? How about a business that doesn’t follow marketing trends and simply uses the same methods over and over? Do this if you want to slow your growth and eventually go out of business.

Instead, search for a web design and SEO company in Hawaii that stays informed about tech and trends. The market constantly evolves, and your marketing must change with it to succeed.

5. Dives Into the Data

Let’s say you find a web design and SEO company in Hawaii that you want to hire. You need to ask one more question: Do they love diving into the data?

“Numbers don’t lie,” and this saying rings true for marketing. You have to know how certain ads, emails, and posts perform to improve and move forward. If you expect your business to grow successfully, the company you hire needs to love gathering and analyzing as many data points as possible.

According to a 2022 SBA report, only about 18% of small businesses currently use a marketing agency. This is why I emphasize the importance of hiring the right marketing firm for your business—it can make the difference between your business ending up among the 50% of businesses that fail within five years or the 50% that make it.

Don’t let the barrage of Google results deter you from hiring a web design and SEO company in Hawaii. If you keep these five qualities in mind, you’ll find the right one for your business. But more importantly, your business will survive and thrive well beyond its first five years.

To help you get started, we offer a FREE SEO audit to assess how your business ranks among your competition. If you want to make waves and grow your business, reach out to us today!

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Photos Courtesy of Braden Jarvis, Tim Mossholder, and Carlos Muza