How to Find the Best Hawaii Marketing Companies: 3 Key Factors


Hello, Nick Ponte here. I’m the owner and operator of a digital marketing company in Maui, Hawaii. My team and I have built expert strategies for boosting SEO and rankings, so businesses can increase traffic and revenue! We love sharing tips and tricks you can use to improve your own digital marketing, too. Last week, I shared three reasons you should work with Hawaii website design companies.

This week, I want to share how you can find the best Hawaii marketing companies to work with and increase your online presence. Businesses that work with a digital marketing company find they’re supported in meeting more goals, more quickly. How can you find a marketing team with the qualities needed to build a custom digital marketing strategy perfect for your needs? Let me share more about how you can determine if a Hawaii marketing company is the right fit for your business.

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Why You Need a Great Marketing Partner

Finding the right marketing partner is crucial for success in your business. What makes it so vital?

For one, a quality marketing company brings efficient strategies to your wheelhouse, helping to broaden your audience and increase traffic to your website. But if a marketing agency doesn’t have the right knowledge and experience, they can actually hinder your business’s online presence— giving you a negative reputation.

Certainly, you don’t want a less-than-favorable public perception of your business! Unfortunately, though, too many businesses get tied up in a contract with a digital marketer who doesn’t know enough about their industry, and who does more harm than good for a company’s SEO. Sometimes these agencies actually cause problems that take a good bit of time and effort to correct. How can you spot and avoid those companies?

I want to share several items to consider when you’re looking to work with a Hawaii marketing company.

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3 Key Factors to Consider when Considering the Best Hawaii Marketing Companies

Look for a marketing agency with these qualities:

1. Aligns with Your Business’s Goals

Work with a marketing agency that not only understands your goals, but will help you meet goals in a reasonable amount of time. Ideally, they should even help you further define your goals and shape the most effective solutions. For example, when our agency onboards new clients, we talk to them about how they would like to see their business flourishing. We want to know how we can best assist them to achieve objectives. We love to help clients develop their brand so they become a recognizable authority in their niche. Look for a Hawaii marketing company that aligns with your goals and values, and you’ll know you have the start of a great partnership.

2. Has High Levels of Expertise

You want a marketing company that can provide excellence in several areas of marketing. Look for an agency that can help you with SEO, website development, paid ads, social media, content, and brand development. All of these intertwine to mold your online presence, so having a central manager for your strategy keeps your marketing plan simple and consistent. Find a Hawaii marketing company that can handle all these details for you! For instance, we have a team of marketing experts with years of specific experience in their individual areas of expertise.

3. Communicates Often and Thoroughly

If you hire a marketing company that offers many amazing services, but you have a hard time getting in touch with them when you have a question or a problem, you don’t have a good partnership.

However, if you have a team of experts who knows what they’re talking about, aligns with your goals, AND communicates details with you, you’ve found a great partnership. A good Hawaii marketing company offers regular reports about your website’s performance and tracked keywords. They’ll also touch base when they notice a problem or think of something that could propel your business even further.

You want to choose the best quality marketing company available to you. It really makes a difference in how you can achieve your goals and plan for the future of your business. We’d offer a FREE consultation about our services, as well as a thorough audit that will give you information to use to get ahead of competitors. If you’d like to know more about how 808 Agency meets all these criteria and more, reach out to us today!

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