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Hey, Nick Ponte here. At, our team of digital marketers and web designers specialize in SEO for Hawaii businesses. We love helping people grow their online reach and expand revenue. We recently shared a few ways business owners can maximize online visibility with Hawaii SEO.

Businesses need a quality website if they want to succeed in their industry. To show up at the top of search engine results and gain more traffic, it takes a website intentionally built to produce those ideal outcomes. You don’t get there by just throwing a quick template-designed website onto the internet and thinking customers will eventually find you. You also won’t see results by slinging a few keywords around your site. If you want to outpace your competition, you need a professionally optimized website.

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Why You Need Quality Hawaii Web Design

A well-designed website supports all your digital advertising efforts. In fact, a quality Hawaii web design sets up the foundation for successful marketing campaigns. Without a good website, you don’t have a solid landing place for those that find your ads and click your links.

A Hawaii web designer gives you the benefit of a well-designed site that meets all your business and customer needs. A professional website allows you to control your brand’s online reputation. It also helps you foster customer relationships.

Maybe you’re aware of what quality SEO and relevant keywords can do for you. You probably want a website that looks good and gives your brand a good name. But you may not have considered some other crucial design essentials. Let me give expert advice about a few necessary elements of Hawaii web design for a website that contributes to rising revenue.

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3 Overlooked Hawaii Web Design Elements You Need

Check out these crucial Hawaii web design strategies:

  1. Design Your Website with the User in Mind

A website doesn’t just show off products or get your brand out into the marketplace. Hawaii web design should follow a major marketing principle: Can you solve the consumer’s problem? 

Design your site to cater to the user’s interests. Solve the customer’s problem, and make it so that the customer finds the solution easily. Guide them through the content of your site. Your design structure should follow an intuitive flow, leading the user from introduction, to product or service, to buying decision. Give them the compass they need to journey through your site. Grab their attention quickly or you’ll lose them!

Users don’t read every word on the page. Remember this as you create content. Don’t get bogged down with tiny details and forget the big picture. Users scan for important terms and look for what they want. Make your content easy to read, with bold headers that highlight main points and use short blocks of text. Provide key points to anchor them and draw attention. Don’t forget to use quality media, including well-placed images, infographics, and videos.

  1. Your Credibility Matters

You may not have any negativity working against your business… but you may not have anything to prove your business’s credibility, either. Keep your content quality high, make sure your links work, and get connected to other reputable websites. You can get related businesses to link to your site. Get accurate citations on third-party sites and Google Business. Keep your information updated and take control of third-party site profiles, like Angi (formerly Angie’s List) and TripAdvisor.

Having credible Hawaii web design also means getting reviews. Offer incentives (not direct payment) to customers who leave reviews or share your social media pages. This free advertising gets more traffic, builds brand awareness, and builds your credibility as a reputable, customer-minded business. Many of your customers might come from tourism—those customers check out your business over the web from afar, wanting to know if you’re worth their time and money. Reviews and customer shares let them know you have what they want!

  1. Design a Responsive Website

Once upon a time, website owners only had to build websites for viewing on a desktop. That time is gone! But many business owners forget this major detail in their web design.

You need a responsive website that adjusts to user activity and devices. These days, most people access web pages from mobile devices, like phones or tablets. Everything about your site, including media and structure, needs to have the optimization to adapt to devices.

Things like slow loading speeds and awkward zooming on a website makes it feel like more trouble than it’s worth. Users won’t stay on your page if they have to wait more than a few seconds for it to load. Don’t count on getting more customers that way.

The good news: We work with businesses every day to create winning websites and marketing strategies. We’d love to give you more information about how we can help you take your Hawaii web design up several notches. If you want to learn more or want help, reach out to us today!

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Photos Courtesy of Pascal Debrunner, Heidi Fin, & Amélie Mourichon