How to Use Hawaii PPC Advertising to Boost Your SEO


Aloha, Nick Ponte here! I run 808 Agency, a team of marketing experts in Maui, Hawaii. We specialize in helping businesses build effective digital advertising strategies. If you want to know how you can increase traffic through a high-quality search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, check out our recent post here.

Business owners frequently ask us about ways to start gaining traffic quickly. They want to know how to get customers and revenue coming in without waiting months for business to pick up. If you’ve got plans you can’t wait to get rolling, and you want to see a boost in sales, it’s time to jump in with Hawaii PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

Why does Hawaii PPC advertising gain you such positive results?

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The Perks of PPC

Why pay for traffic when you can generate that movement through quality SEO? 

Don’t get me wrong: SEO works as a solid foundation. It gives your business a sustainable marketing strategy to keep your digital marketing strategy going for the long-run. But SEO takes time, sometimes months, to generate big results. PPC can make a quick impact on your traffic and conversions.

Of course, you need more than a quick impact that fizzles out. Your business can draw on the advantages of both SEO and PPC, because together they function to get profitable benefits. Foster a relationship between these two strategies, and you’ll have a winning digital marketing plan. Here’s a picture of how they work together:

If you don’t yet have a strong domain authority to generate high search engine results page (SERP) rankings and organic traffic, Hawaii PPC ads can start building brand recognition for your target audience. Collect measurable data from PPC ads to understand and reinforce your SEO strategy. This includes aspects like keyword strength, conversion steps, and CTA effectiveness. PPC gives a surge of traffic, even within the first few hours of ads going live. This allows you to examine the engagement signals, measure those results, and apply applicable concepts to your SEO strategy.

Let me tell you more about how you gain from PPC advertising in Hawaii.

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3 Ways to Drive Revenue with a Hawaii PPC Ad Campaign

Create a comprehensive advertising strategy using the benefits of pay-per-click ads:

  1. Use a Cost-Effective Advertising Method

You have options to run Hawaii PPC ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Pay when a user clicks on the ads, not when they simply view them on the page and scroll past. This means you get a cost-effective method to run ads that get attention—we’re talking users that already have a likelihood of purchasing and increasing your revenue. Get your money’s-worth with Hawaii PPC.

  1. Pinpoint Your Target Audience

With Hawaii PPC, you don’t end up with random views from uninterested users. Viewers already have interest in your offers. They see the ads because they search relevant keywords. Maybe they’re even ready to buy! 

As you target your audience with PPC ads, choose the demographics you desire to see your ads. Target location, age, interests, or users who’ve previously visited your website. You can even run simultaneous ads aimed at different audiences you want to appeal to. Measure ads’ conversion rates and apply that data to other aspects of your marketing strategies.

  1. Build Your Brand More Quickly

Hawaii PPC helps build your brand and get it recognized. Say someone sees and clicks your paid ad in their social media feed. Later, they see an organic search result through a search engine. At that point, they already view you as a recognizable option. With PPC, you build brand trust and authority quickly, which adds to your long-term SEO strategy.

  1. Establish Authority within Your Market

PPC allows you to get a revenue boost while you strengthen your SEO strategy and reputation. As your reputation grows, you compete with other businesses in your industry. Do you have a time-sensitive promotion or a product on sale? PPC ads direct searchers right to your landing pages, increasing traffic and establishing the authority of your brand to the users who click.

A successful Hawaii PPC campaign needs regular upkeep, or ads become stale. Ads should set your business apart from competition. If your ad copy starts to sound too similar to competitors, users scroll on. Quality ads take research and expertise to get the best results.

A strategy where SEO and PPC work in tandem amplifies long-term results. Let a professional marketing team help you create a profitable system, using the latest research, tech, and tools. They’ll keep up with trends and complicated marketing details, enabling your business to reach more target customers. If you want to learn more or want help, reach out to us today!

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Photos Courtesy of Kévin JINER, Jonny Gios, & Jakob Owens